Meet Our Cows

Here at Greenoaks farm we have a small herd of Jersey cows to produce our creamy milk. We are also currently in the process of rearing our own pro-cross calves, which in the future will join the jerseys in our milking herd!


Jersey Cow

Delilah is one of the cows we are currently milking. She gave birth to Rocky on 9th January and is a very good mum.


Jersey Cow

We are not currently milking Daisy as we are waiting for her to give birth, she is due in March.


Jersey Cow

Demelza is one of our current milkers, we recently got her in calf, so have 9 months until we meet the first full jersey calf bred here at Greenoaks.


Pro-cross heifer

Elsie is probably the friendliest of the Pro-cross gang! She is trained to lead with a head-collar on and loves having neck scratches!


Pro-cross heifer

Iris also enjoys a fuss whenever anyone is about on the farm. Shes very inquisitive if work is ever going on around their pen.


Pro-cross heifer

Frieda just loves to play! If we are in with them strawing down their bed, you have to be careful she doesn't decided to start a game of tig!


Pro-cross heifer

Bella is the youngest of our Pro-crosses, but she doesn't let that stop her from trying to be the boss!


Pro-cross heifer

Annie is a very laid back character, she has become much more interested in fuss and attention off us recently, especially when food is about.


Pro-cross heifer

Dotty was very wary of people when she first came to us, however she is finally starting to come out of her shell, and occasionally will come and sniff us to see if we have any food!


Jersey X Blue calf

Rocky is Delilah's first born calf since being with us, and the first calf born into our micro dairy herd! He was born on the 9th Jan. He is a Jersey X British Blue.


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