News from the farm...


Today we had another new arrival at the farm, another lovely Jersey cow called Dixie.



Today we welcomed a new addition to our herd; a lovely Brown Swiss cow called Doris!



The Mobberley Ice Cream Company are now based here at Greenoaks Farm! They make delicious hand-crafted, small batch, old fashioned ice cream, using our whole pasteurised milk so its extra creamy and tasty!! We have take home tubs of all their different flavours of ice cream (heavenly vanilla bean, milkiest milk chocolate and chamomile chardonnay to name just a few! - full list of flavours can be found on their Facebook page) so just pop down to the farm to come and try some for yourself! We promise you wont regret it!!



We are SO excited to announce that you can now find our whole pasteurised milk for sale in the Cheshire Smokehouse!



This morning Daisy went into labour and pretty quickly we realised it wasn't going quite to plan. Her calf was breeched, which means he was trying to come out backwards. This is very dangerous for the calf as it means the head is the last part to come out so there is a risk of it drowning. Luckily for us, our vets were just at the farm down the road, so they were able to come out and assist to ensure the delivery happened as quickly as possible. We are very pleased to say that 'long legs' Larry was born a very healthy little calf, and Daisy was also absolutely fine- just a little tired!

daisy and larry


Today our raw milk has become available to be purchased!!! Since the cows arrived its been a long process of tests, tests and more tests! This is to ensure that our milk is safe  and has allowed us to gain a license to sell it from the farm.
Its been a very exciting day welcoming friendly faces at the farm gate and hearing lovely feedback.

raw milk.jpg


Another momentous day here at Greenoaks, as today we have welcomed our first calf... Rocky! Delilah had a nice straight forward birth, and both mum and calf are doing really well.

Delilah and rocky


Today was a very exciting day as we welcomed our 3 Jersey cows into their new home here at Greenoaks! They have come from our friends dairy herd, so we got to meet them beforehand and make sure they have a personality that would fit into our micro-dairy system, which will consist of more human interaction than the commercial system they are used to.
We have called them Demelza, Daisy and Delilah. Demelza has had a calf recently, but Daisy and Delilah have come in-calf, so we will get to welcome new calves onto the farm early next year!

Delilah, Demelza & Daisy